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I’ve been working on projects with Justin Kemerling since I went freelance, in 2012 (well, a bit before that if you count the work we did at MindMixer while I was still at SecretPenguin). He’s one of my favorite designers and constantly impresses me with his output – both the quality and sheer volume.

Here’s a sample of the work we’ve done together over the years:

I Love Public Schools

A documentary series about public schools in Nebraska and beyond.

Film pages, series (pictured here), and playlists allow I Love Public Schools to present the content in a variety of settings.

Go Vote

A website to help get out the vote. Artists and designers submit graphics that others can download to encourage their family and friends to vote.

A screenshot of a website with the text "#GO VOTE" on a multi-colored background.
Beautiful artwork fills the header of the site. The site received hundreds of submissions from some designers around the country.
A screenshot a website that includes various artwork that all say "#govote" or "Go Vote".

Truth Circle Game

An interactive project to share and explore personal truths. Over 5,000 submissions were made during the life of the project. You can read more on Justin’s website.

A screenshot of the website by for Truth Circle Game featured a form with the text "I grew up in a world with ___, ___, and ___."
One of the six questions we asked each visitor.
A screenshot of a website for the film Little White Lie that features a card with the text "I grew up in a world with corn fields, racism, and poor education.".
An example card showing the result of a form submission.

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