Project — Film Streams with JKDC

A Website for a Beloved Non-profit Cinema in Omaha, Nebraska

One of the best art-house cinemas in the world is in Nebraska.

I love Film Streams and try to go anytime I’m back in Omaha visiting family or friends. When Justin Kemerling asked if we wanted to collaborate on their website, I was very excited.

A screenshot of a web page for Film Streams featuring photos from the film Blues Brothers.
The film pages include the trailer, some stills, and information about the film – along with any upcoming showtimes.
A screenshot of the Films page from the Film Streams website featuring various films and showtimes.
A robust filtering system with a custom calendar. Find exactly what you want to see exactly when you want to see it.

Dundee Theater Microsite

I grew up going to movies at the Dundee Theater. Back then it was a second-run theater that showed midnight movies. When Film Streams took ownership, they did a fundraising campaign to help transform it into one of the best movie theaters in the country – all without getting rid of anything that made this place special.

Justin did a great job on the design of this microsite — perhaps one of my favorite projects we’ve worked on together.

Every section has it’s own unique animation. 

See Change

In 2020, we worked on a microsite for Film Streams’ See Change initiative, which aimed to reach gender parity among directors of the films we program by the end of 2021.

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