Project — Matchstick Legal with Factory North

A Website for Creative Businesses Lawyers

First launched in 2019, we did a redesign in 2022 to support a new content plan.

Our lawyers, Create Legal, joined forces with Gabe Levine (of Fuck You, Pay Me fame), to form Matchstick Legal. They tapped our buds, Factory North, to design them a website — which we had the pleasure of building.

A few years later, they wanted to re-work the content structure of the site, with the help of Newfangled — so we did a nearly complete re-design.

The 2022 Re-Design

A simple homepage with a focus on client testimonials.

Custom Cost Estimator

We also helped create a really comprehensive cost estimator, so if you ever wondered how much a lawyer costs for this line of work, try it out!

The Matchstick Retained cost estimator in use.

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