Human Shapes is a human-centered,
design-forward, digital studio.

Our small team of designers and developers work collaboratively with agencies, companies, contractors, and artists to design and beautiful websites, tools, and applications.

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Recent Work

01 I Love Public Schools
A documentary film project dedicated to supporting public education. In collaboration with Justin Kemerling.
02 Film Streams
A non-profit dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment through the presentation and discussion of film as an art form. In collaboration with Justin Kemerling.
03 Idea Learning
A group of smarty-pantses providing custom learning experiences for the new era of business. In collaboration with Factory North.
04 Changelog
News and podcasts for developers aimed at promoting the projects and people behind open-source software.
05 Coava
A specialty coffee company making some of the highest quality product in the country. In collaboration with Factory North.
06 Factory North
One of our primary collaborators. A rad group of creatives dedicated to making honest and compelling design.
07 Schmidt’s Naturals
A line of natural products available in hundreds stores across North America. Recently acquired by Unilever. In collaboration with Factory North.
08 The Natural
An online publicication centered around the idea of “getting real with a natural lifestyle.”
09 Action Backed
Our sister company. We collaborate with progressive organizations to move forward ideas that make the world better.
010 Flagship Restaurant Group
A suite of websites for a restaurant group with over twenty locations across the United States. In collaboration with Justin Kemerling.


01 Front-end Developer
HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a design-forward approach. Familiarity with a CMS (Craft, Wordpress) or framework (Rails, React) is a plus.
02 Project Manager (Part-Time)
Help us wrangle clients and wrangle ourselves. We’ve never had one of these so you’d get to do it your way.